Saltwatch: Tea Party’s Over

Vivian Slegewick and Her Guests

Vivian Slegewick

Mrs. Vivian Slegewick moved to Canada in the late 1950s, with her husband Cyril who was appointed President and CEO of the Grand British Fish and Custard Company for all of Canada.

At first she feared a lack of civilized activities in Canada, which was still a colony at the time, but soon found her new home much to her liking. She immediately became involved the cultural life of her new city and enjoyed an active social life. She became a dedicated member of the woman’s committees of all the major arts organizations.

Vivian’s great passion has always been the visual arts. She has many friends and acquaintances who are artists, architects, art historians and art collectors. She herself collects fine china, silver, drawings, and prints. Many of her best works have been in her family for generations.

Over the years, she has frequently held tea parties in her home, sometimes to honour newcomers to Canada or to celebrate the accomplishments one of her many artist friends.

Caspar Ellisen

Mr. Caspar Ellisen is an artist whose artwork explores his Chinese and Canadian heritage. He is active in the arts community where he met Mrs. Slegewick and her friends. Mr. Ellisen is being honoured for his recent success at his solo exhibition in Paris.

Cynthia Etherington-Smith

Mrs. Cynthia Etherington-Smith is a close friend of Mrs. Vivian Slegewick. She belongs to the women’s committees of all the major arts groups. Her husband Thomas is an architect and has designed the Canadian Headquarters for Mr. Slegewick’s company, the Grand British Fish and Custard Co. The couples are good friends. Mrs. Etherington-Smith is reknown for her elegant dinner parties.


Ms. Winona is a professor who teaches Aboriginal history and art at the University of Canada. She has extensive knowledge of traditional teachings, which she learned from her Dakota mother and grandmother. She has lectured to Mrs. Slegewick’s University Women’s Club on numerous occasions.

Titi Omoyibo

Ms. Titi Omoyibo is an upcoming young architect originally from Nigeria. She did her undergraduate studies in London, England and continued her Masters in Architecture at the University of Canada. Following graduation she trained as an intern with Mr. Thomas Etherington-Smith’s firm. She is very involved in the arts community.

Chérie Silver

Ms. Chérie. Silver is a student in the French Language High School of Lower Canada. She is the niece of Mrs. Etherington-Smith. She plans to study fine art following high school.


You are cordially invited to watch a High Tea Party at with hostess Vivian Slegewick and her guests on May Day, May 1, 2011, from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. central daylight time

R. S. V. P.

The Tea Party begins on May 1. Do come again.